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Mission Statement

"To serve the child care needs of SUNY students, faculty and staff; New York State Employees; and the greater community, as well as, to provide educational experience for SUNY students."


Our History


In 1985, the State appropriated funding for the development of child care centers for state-operated campuses of the SUNY system to benefit students.  This effort was joined by the Governor's Office of Employee Relations to also serve the child care needs of state employees.  The centers were under the advisement of the NYS Labor Management Daycare Advisory committee and the SUNY Child Care Advisory Committee.

In 1987, a day care center opened in Merritt Hall under contract with Potsdam Day Care to serve Potsdam State faculty, staff and students. In March 1990, the Center incorporated under the name SUNY Potsdam Child Care Center, Inc. and broke ties with Potsdam Day Care Center.
On September 7, 2019, the Center celebrated its Grand Opening in a brand new facility at 185 Outer Main Street.  It was attended by Assemblywoman Addie A. E. Jenne, who secured the $6 million in Legislative funding for the project.  The 13,000 square foot building offers easier access for busy parents, seven specially designed classrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, a commercial kitchen, laundry room, stroller storage, reception space, parent waiting area, break room, library, central air and much more.

Although the Center resides on Campus, the SUNY Potsdam Child Care Center is a separate not-for-profit organization operating on Campus grounds. Funding for the Center is currently made possible by grants from SUNY Central and by weekly child care fees.  Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on a family's adjusted gross income, the age of the child and the contracted hours of care selected.

Our Goals


To enhance each child's total growth by:

  • Developing the child's sense of autonomy, self-confidence and competence.

  • Providing a wide range of age/developmentally appropriate experiences to foster learning, creativity, and problem solving in all areas - language, science, mathematics, music, art, gross and fine motor, health and safety.

  • Encouraging the child's natural curiosity in the world around him/her, to seek new knowledge, to explore, to handle, and to question.

  • Developing a sense of belonging to a community, sharing, and caring about each other, yet being a unique individual who feels they are "OK."

  • Develop a safe and healthy trust in peers/adults beyond family.

  • Encouraging and supporting parents.

  • Providing a well qualified and caring staff.

  • Providing a safe and nurturing learning atmosphere throughout the Child Care Center.

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